Studies done by insurance companies show that victims of accidents who are represented by an attorney get over 2.5 times more in their pocket after attorney fees than those who go it alone.

Not only are they going to ask if you have a lawyer, but more importantly, they want to know what trial experience your lawyer has. Is this somebody that handles motorcycle injury cases regularly and is not afraid to go to court?

Most large insurance companies keep records of which lawyers file lawsuits. They know which lawyers are good at depositions and jury selection. They also know who is able to convince a jury to overcome their bias and set aside the perception that jurors have that bikers must be crazy to get on a motorcycle and should assume the risks if they get hurt.

They are also aware of which law firms have the resources to win multi-million dollar cases, and they are much more likely to offer a fair settlement if your lawyer is somebody who has the capability of hitting a home run with large jury verdicts – because that’s what makes them nervous.