Here are 5 tips to show you how you can double the settlement value of your motorcycle accident claim.

#1 Take photos. Take photos of the scene, take photos of your injuries if you have bruises, scars, and cuts. Take photos of the vehicles, take photos of your motorcycle. You cannot have enough photos these are worth a thousand words.

#2 Get a diagnosis for every injury you have. I’m sure some of you think “I’m a tough guy… I just worry about my back and neck,” when you might have elbow issues or knee issues. If you don’t get them diagnosed and put in the medical records correctly from the start, the insurance company will say, “You must have gotten hurt somewhere else because when you went to the ER, and you went to your doctor for the first time, you said nothing about your knee getting hurt… and now three weeks later you’re starting to feel the pain in your knee even more.” The deal is – you must document every injury at the beginning of your claim.

#3 Follow the doctor’s advice. If they send you to therapy, go to therapy. Show up for the appointments on time. Tell the doctor everything that’s going on with you. Do not make light of any injury or any pain. If you have a level 8 pain in your neck, but only a level 4 pain in your knee – tell them all about the knee and the neck, not just the neck.

#4 You’re going to need to hire the appropriate experts. If you have lost wages, or future lost wages, you’re going to need an expert economist. If you own a business, you want an expert to show how your injuries are going to affect your business in the future. If you have a permanent disability, you will want an expert to talk about that and give you a rating. If you have future medical bills, you’re going to need to hire a life care planner that can calculate what it will cost for your future medical expenses. You will also want to hire an accident reconstructionist. These are the types of expert witnesses that will help double your injury claim right from the beginning.

#5 Once you get your settlement, the way to put more money in your pocket is to negotiate down hospital charges, medical expenses, and doctor bills that you incurred and are unpaid – and as lawyers, we do that every day for clients.

BOTTOMLINE: What is your motorcycle injury claim worth?

Although I can’t give you an instant answer… I can promise you that our team of motorcycle accident lawyers will do the very best we can, and get you the most money that we can, to compensate you fully for your injuries and your pain and suffering. And that’s the kind of law firm you should be looking for.